Cookie bakers have all the fun

Baking is fun, but cookie baking rules. Pie baking too. Humble pie, mud pie. Here’s what I recently made.

Tahini rolls, part 2

Or how a different dough can lead to a very different outcome. This needs further investigation. Maybe even more helpings.

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Nori Croissant rolls

Filled with nori seaweed and sesame seeds, these are stilish little savory bites to serve as appetizers or a small snack.

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Cranberry and Cream Croissant rolls

Sounds posh but these lovelies couldn’t be easier to make, just ‘some assembly required’.

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Real Sinterklaas Spice Nuts

Bake your own Sinterklaas Spice Nuts! They’re so much better than the bland stuff that supermarkets sell in bulk.

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Traditional Holiday Gingerbread Men

So many recipes for Gingerbread Men! This one worked very well, giving them a lovely soft crumbly texture and a slightly cracked surface.

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Christmas Crack

Seasonal sweet and salty toffee cracker cookie made with plain saltine crackers, but uncommonly addictive.

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Baked Alaska, or: the bakers Devil’s Thumb

A chervil and gooseberry ice cream on a brown butter pound cake, covered in merengue. But I’m a baker, not a freezer. Strong opinions follow.

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Beef & Fruit Börek, take 2

In this one, a different flour gives a completely different look and feel, but I like the taste of it just as much.

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